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     The clean blew me away with how well it turned out, rejuvenating my old, battered cream stair and landing carpet to its former glory.
Maria R.18/12/2023
     Booked the cleaning service from BrentCarpetCleaning due to my flat being in such a state. The cleaners did an amazing job - very pleased with them, thank you so much!
Ewan V.27/11/2023
     The service from the cleaners was ultra-professional and exceedingly courteous - they clarified every aspect of their service - if I could, I'd give them more than five stars!
     It's a huge hassle moving residence but fortunately, I didn't have any trouble with getting my place cleaned up thanks to these professionals. Every part of their assistance was remarkable - fast responses, great performance; just look at how good my carpet looks!
     Just wanted to give Carpet Cleaners Brent a big thumbs up for their wonderful domestic cleaning service! Going to tell my sister all about it as well!
Paula Park23/02/2023
     So pleased with the carpet cleaning that Brent Cleaning Company did for us. It looks like new thanks to their help. I'm one happy customer.
Hayley Moore19/05/2020
     The cleaners with BrentCarpetCleaning were there on time and were very flexible. They were able to work around my schedule. They did a fantastic job and my home smelled wonderful and was so clean and shiny.
Angela G.19/09/2019
     The cleaners worked quickly and efficiently. There was absolutely no mess left behind. I'd be more than happy to have Carpet Cleaners Brent back working their magic in my property.
F. Peter27/04/2018
     I have four kids, so we live in a fairly large house to accommodate for everyone. With so much space to cover, house cleaning has always been difficult, and my eldest daughter going off to uni really didn't help things! I hired BrentCarpetCleaning, seeing their low prices, and not expecting them to do that much. I was absolutely astounded by what you can get for such a low price. They did a fantastic job on all the areas I needed cleaned, and always kept me informed if they ran into problems. Thanks for your help!
Brian A.21/12/2015
     I've never hired a cleaning company before, but I must say I was blown away by the quality of work performed by BrentCarpetCleaners staff! The cleaners swept in on time and did an absolutely fabulous job of cleaning my kitchen and restoring it to its former glory before I had a house party! I just couldn't have managed on my own, particularly as I work such long hours. So now I have your number, you can rest assured I'll be using you again! I may not even wait until I throw another party next time!
Kate P.15/01/2015
     The best thing about BrentCarpetCleaners is that they clean in details. When I called the company to come clean the house I had just moved in, I had no idea about what to ask of them. So they send down a cleaning crew and manager who assessed the whole property, outlined the jobs that needed to be done and the cleaners got to work. Unlike any other business, they didn't try to sell me services that I didn't need. As it turns out, I actually paid less for all the services I received. I am definitely very happy with their work.
Don R.04/12/2014
     I was very happy with my hard floor cleaning service I had in my kitchen. As you know kitchens get a lot of use and ours was no different. The floor was scratched in some parts and needed some care and attention. I hired BrentCarpetCleaners and had a meeting first to go over what work I wanted. I was given a price that was fair and booked an appointment. The clean up service went well and the marks were removed using special products.
Jeffrey V.24/11/2014
     When I was about to move out of my apartment last year I had a stressful time of things and I couldn't get all the different things clean that I needed to. The oven was quite blackened and it was very hard to scrub this off the shelves, and the shower had some mould in. I hired BrentCarpetCleaners as they offered a good end of tenancy cleaning service and when they had finished the apartment was absolutely spotless, which meant that I got my deposit back from my landlord in full. The work they did was superb and I was very happy with the service.
Anna T.14/11/2014
     When I handed in the notice at my last place my landlord was kind enough to remind me about the end of tenancy cleaning clause in our renter's agreement. Since I had a million things to do in the weeks leading up to the move, I quickly chose to hire BrentCarpetCleaners for the task. I could not have made a better decision. The cleaning contractors turned up one time and had the entire house cleaned and shining in a jiffy. It helped me save on time and energy and needless to say, my then-landlord was really pleased with the results.
Alfred W.19/09/2014
     I'm astonished this company manages to keep its prices so low, not that I'm complaining! It's just that I've used more expensive cleaning companies in the past and they come nowhere near the professionalism of this company and the standard of cleaning the give. I have rather a large house and have always employed professional cleaning firms on a regular basis. It's wonderful to know that I have finally found a company I can trust to do a good job every time I call them. If more companies were like this one, they would do more business. I can recommend this company without reservation.
Cathy Thompson13/08/2014
     I was always busy with work and transporting the kids to after school activities, so couldn't find the energy to clean my home. I decided to take action and hire a cleaning company to assist. I called BrentCarpetCleaners after noticing them in the area, and requested an appointment. I was dealt with quickly and soon had a date for a home clean service. The workers arrived on time in smart uniforms and with plenty of tools and cleaning solutions. We had a brief discussion of what I wanted cleaning and then they got on with it. They did a magnificent job and my home was left looking clean.
N. School24/07/2014
     My husband and I were at war with each other over cleaning our house. We are always telling each other to clean up our mess, claiming it's not ours, refusing to dust and vacuum and so on. It was getting too much as we both reluctantly cleaned. We called a truce and hired BrentCarpetCleaners. Their cleaners may have saved our marriage because now they do all the chores for us, allowing my husband and me to relax and spend time with each other. Now we have a clean and happy home thanks to them, so call them now if you need such help.
Stacy P.20/06/2014
     Thanks to the whole team at BrentCarpetCleaners for making sure that our house was ready. We were looking to get the whole house cleaned before we had a lot of people around for a big event and the team we hired to make a big difference dutifully delivered. They managed to cover everything in the home, from the carpets to the curtains and it made such a big difference to the entire house. It's just a nicer place to be in now and so many people complimented us that I felt it was fair to pass on the compliments.
Evelyn Lewis04/06/2014
     Should you be considering getting a cleaning company round, then I feel like you could do a lot worse than BrentCarpetCleaners. I have used them for a few little jobs, but recently started getting them in to do the shop every week. It's been too busy recently for me to do, and I feel like I can afford it now, Amorally glad that I can, because the team are amazing! Really good job for an excellent price every time, which makes my life on hell of a lot easier.
Charlotte Price29/04/2014
     I don't know how I managed my house cleaning chores before I hired my professional cleaner! BrentCarpetCleaners are truly excellent when it comes to cleaning, and even when I gave my house a thorough clean it never looked as good as it does now! I hire my cleaner once a fortnight, and she makes sure my house looks absolutely flawless by getting into every corner of my home and giving it a proper and professional scrub and cleanse. This is a great service and really inexpensive as well. I'll never go back to cleaning my own home again thanks to this cleaning company!
John G.16/04/2014
     Cleaning my home always seemed like an afterthought and it was an afterthought that I was pretty terrible at. I struggled to keep on top of all the different things. Sometimes it just helps to call in the experts rather than carrying on endlessly doing something badly. So I called up BrentCarpetCleaners and everything has been excellent ever since. Their help has allowed me to discover a new sense of pride in my home and now I'm more than happy to have people around. And they always ask how I keep it so clean. Call in the pros I tell them.
Nicole Howard19/03/2014
     There are just so many great things I have to say about BrentCarpetCleaners. Admittedly I've never hired a professional house cleaner before, so I don't have anything to compare them to, but I'm never, ever going to leave this company! Not only was my house left looking really clean, but it felt fresh and sanitary in ways that I couldn't even begin to explain. This is an amazing service for the money, and it's definitely one of the most affordable local services that I managed to find. I've had no bad experiences with this company whatsoever, and I'm always on at my friends to give them a go!
     I really didn't want to hire a house cleaner because I've always thought they were for posh people! I'm so glad that I changed my mind though, because my cleaner is just so professional and talented! My house has gone from dirty and messy to sparklingly clean and this is such a cheap service as well. I have no complaints when it comes to BrentCarpetCleaners and now I actively encourage all of my friends to give this service a go too! If you want a cleaner house then you really should give this company a try! Thanks so much!
Jessica S.20/01/2014
     Getting all of the housework done when you have kids and a job can be a struggle, and whilst I still try to get most of it done, sometimes I treat myself to a deep clean. Every couple of months I get BrentCarpetCleaners round to really scrub away at those places in the house that I don't clean as often, which gives me a great baseline to keep the house in decent order from. If you struggle to juggle your home life with work, then look in to getting a professional domestic cleaner in, you may find it makes your life a lot easier!
Annie Russell07/01/2014
     I couldn't be happier with the super cleaning that's done by BrentCarpetCleaners! I didn't think I was going to be impressed with their service - it's so cheap I thought they wouldn't possibly be able to do a good job, but I was so wrong! My kitchen and bathroom are sparklingly clean, and my carpets have never looked better. My son's asthma has seen an improvement and I get to spend more time with the kids. A brilliant and friendly cleaning company that I can't thank enough for helping me with my cleaning chores! Truly the best investment I've made in years!
Diane F.17/12/2013
     There's a lot to be said for a service provider that you can trust and rely on. When it comes to cleaning, you won't find better than BrentCarpetCleaners. They have been cleaning our family home on a regular basis for years now, and we wouldn't know what to do without them. Not only does our cleaner do a perfect job each and every time, but she is great with the kids and very approachable if we need to ask for something extra to be done on a particular occasion. Just fantastic.
The Tointon Family02/12/2013